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Glanfield Performance Coaching prides itself on providing high quality, unique and effective coaching services to businesses that want to develop staff and improve performance. Glanfield Performance coaching put in the communication and preparation to make sure the workshops we deliver are tailored to meet your objectives.

Whether you are looking for a full day of staff development or a short inspiring start or close to your day we have the ability to exceed your expectations and leave a lasting impression.


High performance workshop

Olympic Medallist Inspirational speaking

Fit for work – fit for life

Graduate/New recruit Coaching


High performance workshop – This unique workshop will captivate participants using the very techniques elite athletes practice to raise awareness of performance, create a vision, set goals and leave with an improvement plan. It targets the four cornerstones of Awareness, Communication, Personal management and responsibility. Using the athlete as a metaphor this workshop cleverly entwines anecdotes from Olympic preparation with hands on practical development exercises. The workshop can be adapted according to time available; a full day allows the recipient to go through the practical process in detail, with discussion at every stage they will leave with a clear vision of where they want to get to and an action plan to get there. An hour slot allows enough time to explain the concepts, inspire and motivate the individuals to improve performance. Booking a series of workshops over an extended period of time allows  longer at each stage, practicing exercises to improve the four cornerstones. This service requires detailed preparation and planning with the organizer in order to make sure the right areas are targeted.  

Olympic Medallist Inspirational speaking – An inspiring talk delivered by an Olympic medallist trained in public speaking giving a real insight into an Olympic athletes journey and experiences of the Games. The talk is designed to put across the key business messages of hard work, dedication, recovering from setbacks and finding a competitive advantage. Not only do these talks leave a lasting impression they also add a huge wow factor and brighten up any training day.

Fit for work – fit for life – Physical wellbeing makes a big difference to consistency of performance in any environment. This one hour session brings an elite Physiologist and Olympian in to do some basic stretching and core exercises before giving a short talk on healthy lifestyle for performance covering diet, hydration, exercise and sleep. The Olympian will bring these subjects to life through anecdotes and a Q and A. This service is perfect for waking everyone up during a training day and getting staff to stop and think how they look after themselves.

Graduate/new recruit coaching – This is for companies who want to integrate new employees into a culture of working hard and performing to the best of your ability as quickly as possible. Imagine the statement your company will be making when you offer candidates or new recruits the opportunity for 1:1 consultations with an Olympic coach. This service helps employees feel they are supported in their new role and is perfect in developing the attitudes and work ethic of graduates and younger employees. Normally coaching sessions are conducted on either a monthly or quarterly basis and go through a plan, do, review process. Setting goals and improving the coachee in the four cornerstones.