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Glanfield Performance Coaching offer a number of unique services to students, teachers and parents. All services are flexible and can be adapted to time, audience and objectives. Once we have discussed your requirements we can offer you a fixed fee. We offer discounts when a school incorporates a number of our services or repeat workshops. 



The Blue Sky Workshop

The Blue Sky Workshop - Parents

Olympic Medallist Motivational Talk

Sport Studies Lesson


The Blue Sky Workshop – The Blue Sky workshop is about raising aspirations and motivating students to a higher level of performance. It is about making the student think what they want to The workshop uses the very techniques elite athletes practice to raise awareness of performance, set goals and create an improvement plan. It targets the four cornerstones of Awareness, Communication, Personal management and responsibility. Using the athlete as an analogy this workshop cleverly entwines anecdotes from Olympic preparation with hands on practical development exercises. The workshop can be adapted according to time available, a full day allows the teachers to go through the practical process in detail, with discussion at every stage they will leave with a clear vision of where they want to get to and an action plan to get there. An hour slot allows enough time to explain the concepts, inspire and motivate the teachers to improve performance. 

The Blue Sky Workshop (Parents) – Run in conjunction with the Blue Sky workshop for students (usually in the evening of the same day) this workshop recognizes the parents as having a key influence on the students success in life. It is about making sure the parents are on the same wavelength as the students and supporting them with their developments. This workshop looks as the parents role as ‘coach’ and how they can help their child reach a higher achievement level by developing the four cornerstones of Awareness, Communication, Personal management and Responsibility. An insightful and engaging presentation, this workshop will leave parents with a clear understanding of what affects performance and how they can have a positive impact. 

Olympic Medallist Motivational Talk – An inspiring talk that can be adapted to the audience and time slot, perfect for assemblies, teacher training or conferences. This talk gives a unique insight into the journey of an Olympian, how they improved, the obstacles they overcame and what it felt it like to achieve their dream. This talk is designed to appeal to anyone and to draw out generic messages about determination, self belief, overcoming adversity and striving to be the best you can. 

Sport Studies Lesson – This workshop really brings to life what they are learning in their lessons. Perfect for Sport A level, GCSE or BTEC classes the presentation shows in detail an Olympic sailors training program, diet, physio and psychological preparation. Depending on time the presentation can be scaled up or down and vary on how interactive it is.